what is the outdoor furniture?

what is the outdoor furniture?I want to buy a quality wooden outdoor chair.

As the furniture itself, "furniture" (FURNITURE) which is defined narrowly applied indoor living equipment, it is to make the building space to produce concrete practical value of the necessary facilities; Such as wooden outdoor chair, wooden rocking chair,wooden long chair ; in a broad sense, the furniture is that people live, work, social activities and one indispensable tools to meet the needs for the purpose of the pursuit of a common visual representation of the ideal product. So you can think, outdoor furniture for outdoor or semi mainly refers to outdoor activities for the purposes of public furniture.

It was decided outside the building (including the empty space outside, also known as "gray space") space capabilities and performance of the material basis of an important element in the form of outdoor space. Outdoor furniture, furniture from the general characteristics of the environment in its urban landscape as an integral element - the city's "props", and more general sense of "public" and "communicative" feature.

As the furniture in an important part of the whole, outdoor furniture generally refers to its basic contents urban landscape in the facility rest facilities part. Eg for outdoor or semi-outdoor space to rest tables, chairs and so on.


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